By Gail Peckler-Dziki~Correspondent

Silver Lake village trustee and chair of the finance, legislative and administrative committee Soti Wilber, brought forth several policies for update at the Jan. 2 regular village board meeting.

The village board recently rehired deputy clerk/treasurer Sue Nelson at her former rate of pay, $15.01 an hour. Trustee Pat Dunn had voted no at the previous meeting. At the Jan. 2 meeting he commented that when someone is rehired, they are new and they should not be rehired at the same rate.

Wilber commented that Nelson had been gone only two weeks. “If we hired someone new we would have had the expense of training that person. This was a win-win for us.”

“She did loose her seven years seniority and her vacation time,” Wilber commented.

The board discussed that anyone who is rehired more than 60 days after that person left the employ of the village should be treated as someone completely new. Since there were still a few details to iron out with this new policy, it was tabled.

Wilber and her committee will continue to work on a welcome form letter for new residents to the village. “I know that when I moved here there were many things I didn’t know, like recycling and website information. I have worked with Terry on this letter. This would make her job easier.”

Also under work is a ballot placement policy to avoid issues that came up last April when some candidates thought they were one place on the ballot but were actually in a different order.  This form identifies which spot on the ballot a candidate will have. Also a signature of the candidate or designee will be required along with the signature of the deputy clerk/treasure or clerk/treasurer all on the same form to avoid any future discrepancies.

Wilber is also working on an open records request form that will eventually be on the village website, http://www.             All items will be on a future agenda.


Dive team boat repair

The dive team boat is 29 years old and trustee and chair of emergency government Cyndy Schwebke said the decision was to repair rather than replace. The clutch, which is original, operates the lower unit to engage the drive and reverse is failing. The steering linkage is worn out and for safety reasons needs to be replaced.

“I have an estimate from The Boat Doc that both repairs would cost between $3,500 and $4,000,” she said. “I’m bringing this to the board because its over the $1,500 amount.”

Wilber said that Schwebke ought to get two more bids, “We need three.”

Schwebke said she went to The Boat Doc because that is where all repairs have been done in the past. Wilber said, “Its not who, but how much.”

Village president Jeff Albrecht said that since the repair is not required to be dome immediately, there is plenty of time to get bids.


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