By Gail Peckler-Dziki~Correspondent

The Silver Lake village board filled the vacancy left when trustee Sue Gerber was elected village president with Soti Wilber.

Wilber had just completed her first two years as village trustee and had come in last as trustee, behind Nancy Barranco and Roger Johnson.

Johnson was village president prior to losing to Jeff Albrecht four years ago. Albrecht lost to Gerber by 17 votes earlier this month.

Robinson spoke during citizen comments, saying that this was her first board meeting. “I never came before because I believed board members to be adults who would just do their jobs,” she said.

Robinson said she was appalled at the conversation about “Sue’s people” and Jeff’s people” and very unhappy about the division in the village and that decisions should be based on what’s right for the village.

“I have been a resident for 10 years and I have heard people say that no one who has lived here for only 10 years is a resident,” she said.

Robinson said that she hoped the board would appoint someone who would be a unifying source on the board. “The person who fills the vacancy needs to bring harmony to the board and not one of Sue’s people trying to bring down Jeff’s people.”

She suggested either Barranco or Johnson, since they were next in order on the ballot.

Gerber suggested that either would be a good choice. Recently re-elected trustee Mike Decker suggested that Brent Brenner could be a good choice. “I mentioned the idea to him but he didn’t say yes or no.”

Amid groans and complaints from the assembled audience, trustee Pat Dunn nominated Wilber. Gerber was the sole no vote and newly elected former trustee Barb Ironside abstained.

There was no action taken regarding the proposed countywide efficiency study spearheaded by the village of Bristol. Dunn commented that any talk of consolidation would do Silver Lake no good unless Salem is involved.

Trustee Cyndy Schwebke suggested that the board take action to agree to it, contingent upon Salem’s involvement.

Gerber said she wished that she had gotten more feedback from firefighters regarding the study. Silver Lake resident Sam Barranco, who is also a member of the Wilmot Fire Association, said he talked to Salem Fire Chief Mike Slover.

“He doesn’t seem to be interested,” Barranco commented. “We still have mutual aid and that doesn’t cost anything.”

Schwebke said that the cost of the study, one dollar per capita or about $2,500 for Silver Lake, is in the budget. Trustee Dave Snow commented that there was no point in throwing money in unless Salem was involved.

Salem is next to Silver Lake and in between Silver Lake and Bristol.


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