Election Results2Fifth-five percent or 286 voters opted not to approve a non-recurring referendum at Wheatland Jt. No. 1 during the April 1 election.

       Forty-four percent or 233 voted in favor. School officials said approval would allow them to keep existing programs and build a recommended fund balance.

      The ballot question requested permission to increase the revenue limit by an amount not-to-exceed $750,000 for four years, starting in 2014-15.

      The projected impact of the referendum on a $100,000 home would have been $28 in the first year and a total of $71 over the four-year period.

      Wheatland has faced a significant revenue decrease since 2010, and has kept the overall tax levy nearly flat over the last five years. In addition, Wheatland has reduced yearly insurance costs by over $350,000 and has saved $180,000 each year by requiring staff to pay 50 percent of retirement costs.

      Despite receiving $650,000 less in equalized aid since 2010, Wheatland has continued to enhance programs and increase achievement. On this year’s state report card Wheatland grew 11.7 points to reach the Exceed Expectations Category, a press release said.

      There are also additional opportunities for foreign language instruction, increased after school programming, computerized enrichment, and expanded summer school.

      These enhancements in quality programs have increased open enrollment students into the district, school officials said.




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