By Annette Newcomb, Editor

Local ice fishermen haven’t given up hope that colder weather will freeze over some of the local lakes, but the Aquanuts are already laying plans for the first big ski competition of the year.

Todd Renn of the Aquanuts told members of the Committee of the Whole Monday night that the Aquanuts would like to sponsor a two-day barefoot ski competition.

“This is the big thing that is sweeping the ski world right now and we want to get in on it,” he said.

Proposed dates are Saturday and Sunday, May 5 and 6. It would be held in the same area where the Aquanuts perform, in front of the amphitheater at Lance Park.

“Two skiers of a time compete. We take them in a figure-eight,” Renn said.

He explaining that the area would be marked with the big orange buoys used to mark other Aquanut events and safety boats would also be on site.

“What about wet suits, it seems like the first of May the water will still be pretty cold,” said Twin Lakes Village President Howard Skinner. Renn said the skiers do wear wet suits for protection.

There would be no admission for spectators, only for competitors. The competition would start about 9 a.m. and run to dusk. Brats and beer would be sold in the amphitheater area and to purchase beer the customer must have purchased a wristband after providing proof of age. The area would be roped off so no one will leave the area with beer.

The Park Board will meet Feb. 28 and has some questions for the Aquanuts concerning the event. Their recommendation will be considered when the Twin Lakes Village Board meets to discuss this proposed event


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