Breaking ground on a new Village Hall

Twin Lakes officials break ground on the future Village Hall on Jan. 18 (from left) Trustees Barb Andres, Jeremy Knoll, Kevin Fitzgerald, Aaron Karow; Clerk Sabrina Waswo; President Howard Skinner; Trustee Bill Kaskin; Village Administrator Laura Roesslein (Jason Arndt/The Report)

Twin Lakes to usher new era

By Jason Arndt

Twin Lakes officials on Jan. 18 broke ground on the future Village Hall in the downtown area after months of discussion.

The new village hall will open by the end of this year and replace an aging and smaller structure across the street on Main Street.

Village President Howard Skinner, who offered a brief overview of the project, said the new village will consist of a lower and main level with easy access to the public.

“It will have access from (Main Street) and from Lance Drive, so it should be very accessible,” said Skinner.

The new village hall will be financed through nearly $2.9 million in general obligation promissory notes and includes the demolition of the current village hall. For a safe takedown of the old village hall, they may do an interior demolition first to get everything broken down inside and then proceed to take down the rest. However, this will be up to the planners on how they want to approach this.

“The bonds that we are approving is basically the loan for the project and we did that so we wouldn’t affect taxes,” he said.

The current structure, according to Skinner, dates back at least six decades.

“We are going to turn it into additional parking,” Skinner said of plans for the property once demolition is finished.

More space
The new village hall, meanwhile, will offer new amenities such as a community center on the lower level as well as additional space.

Kevin Fitzgerald, Village Trustee, said the future village hall will have about 6,800-square-feet in floor space on the main level.

“The community center is more or less the same, it might be a tad smaller,” Fitzgerald said about the lower level.

The current village hall comes in under 5,000-square-feet.

Scherrer Construction, Inc., of Burlington, will serve as construction manager for the project designed by Kueny Architects.