Randall School to hold operational referendum

The Randall Consolidated School District will seek permission from voters to exceed revenue limits to support operational costs in an April 6 referendum.

The April 6 referendum question, which saw unanimous approval at the Jan. 20 Board of Education meeting, will allow the district to continue offering the same services while enhancing current educational opportunities for students.

The question will ask the community to support a three-year operational referendum at $900,000 per year.

“Randall School continues to provide exceptional social and academic opportunities for students,” the district states on its website. “The operational and facility referendums will allow the district to maintain and enhance programs, opportunities, and services to students and families that will continue the Randall tradition of excellence that has made Randall Consolidated School one of the best school districts in Kenosha County and the State of Wisconsin.”

In a mailer to district residents, school officials said the 2018 operational referendum is set to expire, and needs taxpayer approval to reauthorize another referendum to maintain a balanced budget.

The mailer further adds state aid to the district has continually declined since 2008-09.

“The state has established a maximum revenue amount allowed for each school district. Each dollar approved through a referendum goes directly to the school rather than flowing through the state,” the mailer states. “Randall School District has seen a significant drop in school aid since 2008-09. The amount has been reduced by $851,823, which totals a 28% reduction in state aid.”

If approved, the referendum should not result in a negative tax impact for voters and will likely decrease, according to information from the district.

Currently, during the 2020-21 academic year, district residents pay $6.88 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

But under the referendum, according to officials, taxpayers could see a drop in their tax bill, with anticipate tax rates of $6.65 in 2021-22, $6.60 in 2022-23 and $6.55 in the 2023-24.

Meanwhile, in a frequently asked question on the district website, a taxpayer asked officials how they forecasted a declining tax rate.

The question, in addition, also asks why districts continue presenting operational referendums.

“Property value has increased,” the district states. “What is important to realize is that the mill rate has decreased. There is a difference between the mill rate and an increase in taxes.”