Few changes on municipal boards countywide

Incumbents see success in April 6 Election

Western Kenosha County municipalities, with exception to the Village of Paddock Lake, saw no changes to their respective boards following the April 6 Spring Election.

While the Village of Twin Lakes and Town of Wheatland had contested races, which went to incumbents, voters in the Village of Paddock Lake re-elected incumbent Scott Garland, selected newcomer Renee Brickner and brought in former Kenosha County Supervisor John Poole to the Village Board in the four-way race for village trustee.

Brickner garnered 386 votes while incumbent Garland finished second at 343 votes with Poole taking the last available seat.

Brickner, a paralegal, ran for the seat on the Village Board because she wanted to increase community involvement.

“I am a long time resident who has become more involved in the last two years in observing our Village operations and government,” she said. “I feel I have a lot to offer the residents of my community and village of Paddock.”

Garland, who works as a purchasing coordinator, has been a trustee since 2019 and sought another term on the Village Board to continue Paddock Lake’s positive progress.

“I want to try and continue to make a positive impact for this community now and for future generations,” he said. “Simply put, I just want good for Paddock Lake.”

Poole, who also ran for a Westosha Central School Board post, ousted incumbent Bena Ahlberg in the village race, 301-249.

Poole, a retired accountant, ran on the platform of representing taxpayers in the Village of Paddock Lake.

“I’m running ‘for the taxpayers’,” he said. “I want to keep Paddock Lake an affordable place and enjoyable place to live.”

Ahlberg, appointed to the Paddock Lake Village Board in 2020, proclaimed her passion for the village and touted her ability to make informed decisions in the best interests of residents.

Ahlberg, an assistant buyer, looked to use her skills in the industry as a member of the Village Board.

“My career in the retail buying world is fast paced and multi-dimensional. I have years of experience balancing a large budget and working with a variety of individuals and suppliers from a diverse background,” she said. “I am not afraid to fight for what I believe to be fair, even when it may not be the easiest path. I am passionate about Paddock Lake and hope to have the honor of serving the village for years to come.”

Incumbent Kathy Christenson decided not to seek re-election as village trustee and declared non-candidacy.

Village President Terry Burns, who ran unopposed, received 407 total votes.

The four elected officials will serve a term of two years.

Wheatland retains incumbents
Meanwhile, in the Town of Wheatland, voters decided to re-elected incumbent Town Chairperson William M. Glembocki, who defeated challenger Diane Grenus, 512-374.

Glembocki, first elected in 2009, won his sixth term as the leader in the Town of Wheatland.

Glembocki, retired from Chrysler and self-employed at Glembocki Concrete, told this newspaper previously he wanted to maintain a fiscally responsible budget and work towards a solution regarding a future fire station.

“I love my town and the people who live here! I want to continue working towards the betterment of our town and its citizens, but do not want to push government on them,” he said. “I want to make sure we get the most out of our budget to benefit the most people. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make all people happy all the time.”

As for the fire department, which has sought a new fire station, Glembocki believes the town can come up with a plan to meet the department’s long-term needs.

“Although the voters of Wheatland voted against a new building for the fire department, I want to continue working with the fire department for their future needs,” he said. “I feel we can come up with a plan that will work, and I want to be a part of it. I also want to insure we maintain a good working relationship with our rescue service, Twin Lakes Rescue Squad.”

Grenus, a Wheatland resident of 33 years in June, sought the leadership post because she said the township is in need of new ideas and fresh perspective.

She touted multiple objectives ranging from improved communications with town residents, including Committee of the Whole meetings in addition to Town Board meetings, all of which would have been live-streamed.

“Based on multiple requests from people attending meetings, we need to allow additional comment time, where appropriate, aside from the public comments at the top of the meeting and I completely agree,” she said. “The elected officials are voted by the people and as such, the people should be allowed to voice whenever possible.”

Incumbent supervisors Andrew J. Lois and Kelly A. Wilson each ran unopposed and secured another two-year term.

Lois, Town Supervisor No. 1, received 719 votes while 90 other ballots had unspecified write-in candidates.

Wilson, Town Supervisor No. 2, garnered 744 votes. Unofficial tallies from the Kenosha County Clerk’s Office showed 15 unspecified write-in votes.

Twin Lakes stays the same
In the Village of Twin Lakes, where four people ran for three seats, all three incumbent trustees earned re-election on the Village Board.

Incumbents securing another two-year term include Aaron Karow (627 votes), Kevin Fitzgerald (613 votes) and Sharon Bower (535 votes).

Bob Wagner, a newcomer, received 344 votes to fall short of ousting incumbents from the Village Board.

Village President Howard K. Skinner, running unopposed, garnered 658 votes. The Clerk’s Office shows 200 unspecified write-in votes.

Other municipalities
Other seats were elected Tuesday without opposition. These include:

Village of Salem Lakes
Village President: Diann D. Tesar, 1,624
Village Trustee (three seats): Ted Kmiec, 1,513, Mike Culat, 1,430, Dan Campion, 1,424.

Village of Bristol
President: Mike Farrell, 845.
Village Trustee (two seats): Kristine Kordecki, 698, John McCabe, 688.

Town of Randall
Town Board Chairperson: Bob Stoll, 369.
Town Board Supervisor No. 1: Julie A. Horbach, 379.
Town Board Supervisor No. 3: Randy Kaskin, 362.

Town of Brighton
Town Board Chairperson: Susan Crane, 357
Town Board Supervisor No. 1: Mark Schmidt, 336.
Town Board Supervisor No. 2: David DeVito, 321.