Little changes in county COVID-19 cases

The villages of Twin Lakes, Salem Lakes as well as the town Randall in Kenosha County ranks among the lowest in percentage of population vaccinated with at least one dose to protect against COVID-19 (Wisconsin Department of Health Services).

Three west end communities rank lowest in vaccination rates

Kenosha County saw a dozen new confirmed COVID-19 cases in a seven-day span, at least according to the state Department of Health Services, which reported the new cases from July 11-18.

State health officials, as of July 19, reported 16,060 total confirmed cases, 82,610 negative test results as well as 322 fatalities in Kenosha County since the DHS began recording data on March 15, 2020.

In Western Kenosha, where the DHS reported 3,017 total cases for an 18.8% share of the county’s caseload, the Village of Salem Lakes has tallied the most confirmed cases since data collection started.

The DHS dashboard shows the Village of Salem Lakes with 1,152 confirmed cases, including 14 deaths, while the Village of Twin Lakes has the second most confirmed cases at 446.

The Village of Twin Lakes accounts for six of the county’s deaths.

The villages of Twin Lakes, Salem Lakes as well as the Town of Randall has the lowest percentage of population vaccinated with at least one COVID-19 vaccine, according to Monday’s numbers, which are noted in a later portion of this article.

Here is a look at other Western Kenosha County municipalities, including deaths above five, since the pandemic began: Village of Bristol, 440 cases, seven deaths; Village of Paddock Lake, 269 cases; Town of Wheatland, 255 cases; Town of Randall, 231 cases; Town of Brighton, 117 cases; and Town of Paris, 107 cases.

Vaccine disparities
The DHS, meanwhile, revealed on Monday three Western Kenosha County communities have the lowest vaccination rates among all municipalities, including those east of Interstate 94.

The City of Kenosha, the most populous municipality at 99,688 people, has 45.1% of all residents vaccinated with at least one dose.

But in Western Kenosha County, according to the DHS, the Town of Randall (36.4%) incurred the lowest vaccination rate while the Village Salem Lakes has a rate of 38.2% followed by the Village of Twin Lakes at 38.9% as the bottom three municipalities.

The low vaccination rate comes in spite of Kenosha County Public Health hosting a COVID-19 community-based vaccination clinic at Westosha Central High School on at least two occasions.

The Village of Bristol, a community of 5,038 people, ranks the highest among Western Kenosha County communities with a rate of 46.6%.

The remaining west end municipalities, meanwhile, have 40% or better vaccination rate among residents in each community. The Town of Brighton is at 45.7%, Town of Wheatland has a rate of 43.5% followed by the Town of Paris (42%) and Village of Paddock Lake (41.4%).

Karen Timberlake, DHS Secretary-designee, previously said the state released geographic vaccine breakdowns to offer Wisconsinites an opportunity to see how COVID-19 is transmitting within communities.

“Breaking down existing vaccination data by these additional geographies offers new ways for people to understand COVID-19 activity within their communities and will allow us to determine where we need to focus our ongoing vaccination outreach efforts,” said Timberlake. “Providing timely, transparent COVID-19 information to local and tribal health officials and the public has been a top priority throughout the pandemic, and these updates continue that commitment.”

State health officials on Monday reported 77,803 Kenosha County residents older than 12, or 45.9% of the total population, received at least one vaccine dose with 73,767 finishing the two dose series for a rate of 43.5%.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie, which has 20,832 people, has the highest percentage of residents vaccinated with at least one COVID-19 shot at 54.9%,

Kenosha County Public Health looks to have at least 127,500 residents vaccinated against COVID-19 to reach 75% herd immunity.

“While vaccination is occurring in Kenosha County, we need the community to remain vigilant to keep the spread down via social distancing, masking, and hand washing, even after vaccination, until we reach herd immunity,” Public Health states on its website.

State and local health officials continued to offer call centers set up for questions related to finding a vaccine providers, including how to register, and referred residents to

The state call center is 844-684-1064