Kenosha County Food Bank partners with two local organizations

KCFB reaches agreements with Feeding America, Racine County Food Bank
The Kenosha County Food Bank has reached partnership agreements with two local organizations, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and Racine County Food Bank, as it continues to reach progressive milestones while advancing operations and fostering partnerships, KCFB organizers announced on Friday.

Organizers with KCFB expressed excitement about the partnership with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin in which the local group will serve as one of Feeding America’s regional distribution centers.

This brings local programs affiliated with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin into an expanded network of KCFB partners, creating alignments in products and services provided to those in need in Kenosha County.

“The Kenosha County Food Bank is dedicated to our mission of ending hunger in the state of Wisconsin,” said Patti Habeck, President and CEO of Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. “We are excited to officially launch this partnership to help ensure that the people of Kenosha County have healthy meals on their table.”

KCFB and Racine County Food Bank have also entered into a paid contract agreement enabling KCFB to house operations and provide limited staffing to Kenosha organizations while it continues its search for an affordable warehousing location.

This long-term, organizational collaboration, now formalized, will improve and optimize regional and local supply chains.

“These developments take time and relationships to come to form,” KCFB board member, Amy Greil, said.

“We appreciate the support from all our partners and donors as this startup nonprofit finds it’s footing.”

“Likewise, we look forward to connecting with new investors now that we have these game-changing contracts in place. This progress signals strong alignment across the emergency food distribution system locally and regionally,” Greil added.

KCFB is also excited to welcome two influential members to its working board of directors. Carolynn Friesch of the United Way of Kenosha County and Sandi Zakroczymski of Good Foods Group, a locally headquartered food processing company. Both are deeply committed to serving the Kenosha community.

“Their talents will provide strategic leadership as the organization expands capacity and operations,” said Cameron Swallow, KCFB board member. “They are welcome additions to our Board of Directors.”

According to the UW-Madison Wisconsin Food Security Project, Kenosha County’s pre-pandemic food insecurity rate was 12% for adults and nearly 19% for children.

“These new partnership milestones present opportunities to better meet the need as local communities recover from the pandemic and plan for the future,” added Greil.