Body of missing man found in Twin Lakes

Police are investigating case as a homicide

By Jason Arndt

The Twin Lakes Police Department on Friday announced a man previously reported missing was found dead in a wooded area along Wilmot Avenue and authorities are investigating the case as a homicide.

Kenneth Thoma

Kenneth Thoma, 60, of Twin Lakes, identified by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office through dental record analysis on Nov. 9, went missing from his home on Oct. 14 and his disappearance was later reported to the Twin Lakes Police Department.

According to Police Chief Adam Grosz, on Saturday, Nov. 6, officers received notification of human remains discovered in the 1700 block of Wilmot Avenue.

“A citizen reported to police that he discovered what he believed was a human body buried in a wooded area,” Grosz said in a news release. “The citizen had been working on a bicycle track that ran through the woods when he made the discovery.”

Responding officers then secured the area after confirmation of human remains, Grosz said.

The Wisconsin State Crime Lab arrived to assist in the investigation while the Kenosha County Medical Examiner’s Office removed the body.

“Evidence discovered at the scene indicates foul play was involved in this case,” Grosz said. “The Twin Lakes Police Department continues to investigate this case as a homicide.”

Grosz, however, believes it is an isolated incident and does not pose a threat to the general public.

Family members, according to Grosz, contacted his department on Oct. 19 five days after they last saw Thoma.

Since then, the police department has been investigating the case, Grosz said.

On Oct. 27, less than two weeks after the initial report, the Twin Lakes Police Department sought the public’s help in finding Thoma on its Facebook page.

Thoma, at the time, left his home without his bicycle or vehicle.

The Twin Lakes Police Department is not releasing any additional information related to the case because it is an ongoing investigation.

In the meantime, authorities have urged anyone with information to contact the Twin Lakes Police Department at 262-877-9056.

People can also remain anonymous by calling Kenosha County Crime Stoppers at 262-656-7333.