Twin Lakes, Randall to have contested races

Village of Paddock Lake seeks write-in candidate

By Jason Arndt

The Village of Twin Lakes and Town of Randall will have contested races in the April 5 Spring Election, according to reports from local officials.

Meanwhile, in the Village of Paddock Lake, a resident will need to launch a write-in campaign after one Village Trustee filed for non-candidacy without a replacement on the Village Board.

The candidates, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, could begin circulating nomination papers on Dec. 1, 2021 with a 5 p.m. Jan. 4 deadline to submit final paperwork related to the Spring Election.

As for the contested races, in the Village of Twin Lakes, incumbent trustees William Kaskin and Barbara Andres will face challengers Ken Perl, Bob Wagner as well as Richard Lynn Garnand for three trustee seats on the Twin Lakes Village Board.

Trustee Jeremy Knoll declared non-candidacy by the Dec. 28, 2021 and will not seek another term in the Village of Twin Lakes.

In the Town of Randall, while incumbent Paula A. Soderman will run unopposed for the Supervisor No. 2 post, incumbent Nancy Kemp faces challenger Tim Gaffron in the Supervisor No. 4 race.

For Paddock Lake Village Trustee, meanwhile, incumbents Robert Spencer and Barbara Brenner filed nomination paperwork seeking another term on the Village Board.

Gloria Walter, however, decided not to retain her seat as Paddock Lake Village Trustee after she declared non-candidacy and will force a write-in campaign.

Elsewhere, the villages of Bristol and Salem Lakes will not have contested races, officials from both municipalities reported last week.

Here is a look at the races in each municipality:

Twin Lakes Village Trustee (three seats, two-year term, $6,000 annually)
Candidates: William Kaskin, Inc.; Barbara Andres, Inc.; Ken Perl, Bob Wagner, Richard Lynn Garnand.
Non-candidacy: Jeremy Knoll

Randall Town Supervisor (two seats, two years, $4,635 annually)
Supervisor No. 2 candidate: Paula A. Soderman, Inc.
Supervisor No. 4 candidates: Nancy Kemp, Inc.; Tim Gaffron

Bristol Village Trustee (two seats, two years, $5,775 annually)
Candidates: Chris Leker, Inc.; Ruth Atwood
Non-candidacy: Carolyn Owens

Paddock Lake Village Trustee (three seats, two years, $3,000 annually)
Candidates: Barbara Brenner, Inc.; Robert Spencer, Inc.
Non-candidacy: Gloria Walter
According to Michelle Shramek, village clerk in Paddock Lake, nobody filed for candidacy to seek the seat left by Walter’s eventual departure.

Salem Lakes Village Trustee (three seats, two years, $9,000 annually)
Candidates: Ron Gandt, Inc.; Dennis Faber, Inc.; Bill Hopkins, Inc.

The towns of Brighton and Wheatland will not have any local races on the ballot because both communities hold elections in odd-numbered years.