Twin Lakes skate park has shot at $25,000 grant, with your help

By Annette Newcomb


A $25,000 Pepsi Grant is within reach of Twin Lakes residents, and all you have to do to win it is vote once a day through the entire month of November.

The funds would be used to purchase new equipment for the skate park that once stood in Legion Park.

The push to get a new skate park up and running came from Elaine and Kevin Valentine. Their teenage sons Kevin and Ryan actually started the ball rolling by complaining there was nothing to do during the summer months.

With the support of the Twin Lakes Park Board, the Valentines got organized and found a group of like-minded kids who want to get the skate park working again.

Since appearing before the village board Valentine and her crew of hardworking skateboards, have held a car wash and recently sold cookie dough as a fundraiser.

“We have about $3,000 in the bank right now,” Valentine said. The money is in account at the M&I Bank in Twin Lakes and can only be accessed by the village officials.

Valentine has worked the phones like a politicians in recent weeks, gathering information from area municipalities who successfully established a skate park and also found out which companies make the best skate board equipment.

Valentine said she found design called StreetScape that would cost about $25,000 and offers a wide variety of challenges to skateboarders.

Pepsi Refresh Project

Valentine said last week the Twin Lakes Skate Park Project has been accepted into the Pepsi Refresh Project.

“I have to submit the idea for the skate park. Thousands of idea from across the country were submitted and only 1,500 were chosen.

That group was whittled down to 15 in five different categories.

“The kids made up business cards and handed them out at school and we also sent out letters to area schools, asking everyone to register to vote. You register one time and then vote every day through November. There is no charge and we are also on Facebook. We need as many votes as possible to win the funding for the skate park,” Valentine said.

To vote, log on to the Pepsi Refresh Project website at and look for “Build a Unique Skate Park Fund Raising using arts, music and talents” or under Twin Lakes Skate Park. You can vote every day through Nov. 30.

Also access the account through Facebook.


Donations help, too!

Donations can be sent to M&I Bank, 508 N. Lake Avenue, Twin Lakes, Wis. 53181 in care of the Twin Lakes Skate Park Fund.

To lend a hand or for more information contact Valen-tine at (815) 919-5451.